Your Source for DJ Music is a Private Music ReMixing service for use by working performance DJs. The remixes contained on are produced by professional DJs and music producers for the exclusive purpose of enhancing a DJ’s live performance. You are registering solely for an Editing/ReMixing Service for music tracks you already own and have obtained by legal means. The resources on this website are made available under permissions granted by the original copyright holders and/or their consigns under usage and display definitions in accordance with United States Copyright Code, Title 17; §106(4,5)
and §114(b) respectively, and for use in ASCAP, BMI and SESAC compliant venues.
By clicking “Register” you certify that you are a working DJ and will use the material obtained on for the sole purpose of enhancing your DJ performance and will NOT sell, resell, or redistribute any of the files acquired within this website. The files we service are ONLY made available to DJ’s, NOT the general public under any circumstance or condition.


With there are no monthly fees – you can download what you need when you need it. All Music is High Quality 320kbps Mp3 format. Our Professional DJs and Music Producers upload on a weekly basis so you always have access to the best and latest DJ Edits. Here is a list of the kind of tracks you will find on our site:

– DJ Intros and Outros (Extended Intros and Outros to help mix tracks together)

– Hype Intros (Added Vocals in Intro to hype up your crowd)

– Remixes (A song that has been edited to sound different from the original version)

– Mashups (Combination of an Acapella and an Instrumental from another track)

– ReDrums (Tracks that have Added Drums over the original song to enhance the feel of the song)

– Transitions (Useful DJ tool where a track starts at one BPM and Transitions to another)

– Segues (A Transition from a song, word, phrase, or melody into another song with same word or melody)

– Mixes (A DJ Mix of Songs to allow a DJ to take a break or have something to open for you)

– Partybreaks (A Break version of a song without the vocals, and with Added Hype) extremeremixes remixplanet Just4DJs Best DJ Pool How to download music